Well I am glad to see that someone is finally helping albeit with a different agenda. Israel is the first to strike a blow to Assad. I know that the world has a hard time getting involved with infiltration of known terrorists into the rebels but the people of Syria should not be made to wait for Assad to finally be toppled.  Emergency meeting tonight of the federal government on this.. and whether or not we have done enough. No I think that thousands of civilians of Syria would say NO we have not. Will be interesting to see what the hell the allies are going to do about Syria. Well this is my take on it. There are three axis members. Iran North Korea and Syria. 3-1=2. One less member of the axis and we free the people of Syria. There is a organized rebel network. Of which the top members are made up from officials of the Assad government that crossed over when they were asked to continue to kill their own people. I say lets give them a go. Allow the allies to alienate the suspected terrorist members of their organization and move forward. But stop letting the Assad government kill children ,women and men that don’t want to be governed by a dictator.

Israel should approach the rebels with a deal they help with a peace treaty with the new Syria. I know that this is a simplistic approach but hey I am sure that something could be worked out in the way of a truce with a clause that you turn on us we take you out. Something done is better then nothing done which has been happening all this time for the poor people of Syria.


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I am realistic optimist. I think that laughing should be done like breathing often as possible !
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