Need a laugh…..or a good cry

Watch the CPAC channel. That is a channel on cable that allows all Canadians that have cable  to watch the proceedings that happen in our great House of Commons.

I personally try and avoid watching this channel but have an elderly father that lives with me that could watch that ten hours a day. I have tried to sit and watch it with him but it just gets me riled up. I have seen and heard things that I would expect out of a grade one class not from people that were elected to represent the people of their constituencies. Name calling  swearing, interrupting,etc.

I cringe when I think of the people from other countries that may view this. I mean really how can you have respect for a country when its members of the House of Commons behave the way they are doing?

A non partisan person would see that buffoon Tom Mulcair the leader of the NDP yapping and saying things that make him appear very ignorant of whats going on around him. As he is saying things you can mentally note that he is inaccurate or not telling the whole truth but a slanted version. How dare he not show the unity of our great nation by going to other countries spouting his rhetoric  Poor Jack Layton, he worked so hard to build the NDP to where it is today and he must weep from heaven to see what has become of the NDP party.

Then you have good ole Justin Trudeau. Man he reminds me of his father. But that is just it. He is not his father and I was kind of chuckling when they were running the leadership convention for the Liberals. Personally I think that he is in the leadership race because the Liberals are hoping we all remember his father and how he led the Liberal Party.

Justin has a Bachelor of Arts degree from McGill University in Literature and a Bachelor of Education from the University of British Columbia. And this will help Canadians HOW? I mean I could see if he had studied something that would be of use in running our country like economics perhaps, political sciences etc.. I wonder how many people would vote for Justin to lead our country. Yeah maybe in twenty years. I cannot imagine why anyone in their right mind would vote for a young person to run our country. They lack the WISDOM and EXPERIENCE to make decisions that will affect almost 35 million people ! Although I have to admit I am distrusting  of this party. Bob Rae sent me as well as who knows how many Canadians an email on stopping the Conservatives from allowing use of our email addresses. Really Bob and just where did you get my email address and what did you use it for. 

The conservatives said they were going to get tough on Crime…well okay to be fair they did introduce a lot of bills to be passed that would have effectively started getting tougher on crime but the Liberals and NDP stalled them in parliament. You see it over and over again where the passing of a bill will be held up. Then the other parties will sit back and throw it back at the present government that they are doing nothing. I really wish people would take more time to see what the hell is going on with the people they elected to represent them are doing!



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I am realistic optimist. I think that laughing should be done like breathing often as possible !
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