Federal Budget cuts funding for multiculturism

Finally someone is showing some sense. Canada is on of the few countries in the world that is made up of multi-cultures. This is in our history books, taught in our schools to our children and celebrated in almost every community across our great nation. So it is about time that the government stopped wasting money on multi-culturism that could be better spent in areas we really  need it , feeding our poor, armed forces, infrastructure etc.

For those naysayers that will cry but we need it. No what you need to is to become more involved with your community. Actually attend the heritage festivals and such that are put on from coast to coast. While your at it take a few minutes and sit down and see what your children are learning in social studies and you will see we do not need to finance spectacular festivals to demonstrate the different cultures that our  beautiful country is made up of. We don’t need to make pretty posters to show that we are multi-cultural. Get off your butt and you can find it in your own community. As far as I am concerned this money is for subsidizing entrance fees to these venues. I would rather we pay off our federal debt thank you very much. I pay income tax just like the next guy but I applaud this decision of the governments as. wait for it, you won’t believe it ” MAKES SENSE”!


About jadedermabombeck

I am realistic optimist. I think that laughing should be done like breathing .....as often as possible !
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