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I am a bit of a smart ass…okay maybe I am a smart ass would be more truthful.  I wasn’t born this way I would imagine it is rather life experiences and how my mind processed and created a way to deal with things. I am blessed with the ability of a quick mind so put that together with being a smart ass and not to many people get one over on me.

I read a blog today of a woman that had experienced someone posting nasty comments on her I believe it was facebook. Point is she was hurt by these comments and rightfully so, it sounds as if the comments were meant to be nasty so how else could one take it. My heart goes out to her. What surprised me was reading the comments that followed her blog talking about how she was hurt by this.

Now this is where immense self control of myself had to come into play because there were a number of them I would love to have hit the reply button and told them a thing or two but first off it was not my place to do so on someone elses blog let alone comments that were meant for her. So I figured after reading them and sitting on my hands so to speak I could put them in my own blog. So here is my rant for the day.

When you encounter people in life I don’t care if they are strangers, friends, family etc and they do or say things that make you question yourself negatively on a regular basis, or make you feel bad about yourself. At some point you have to ask yourself is this a healthy relationship. Well if they make you feel bad about yourself I doubt it is. And yes even a stranger could fit in this catagory. Point is life is is short, we only have so many of those precious life minutes given to us. Why waste one millionth of a second of those precious moments of yours giving them another thought. Think of it in terms of an arcade game where as you travel around the screen (life) you have little whatever they have that give you points for feeling good ( for the sake of argument we will say blue balls), heck in some games you earn extra lives for them. There is usually in these types of games a polar opposite that when you come into contact with them they take points away or drain your life energy. So to get the most of the game you would try and find those little things that give your positives shall we say and avoid like hell those critters that take away and are negatives. I liken this to life. I don’t care as I stated earlier whether it is a stranger, friend or family the same principal applies you avoid those negative critters at all costs. And if they seem to have a life mission of of banging into you with words or actions and draining your energy then you get rid of them. You don’t allow them in your life. I call these people poisonous and really they are. They are energy suckers, useless and very dangerous to our state of mind and well being. So like any action that would be taken with a cancer you cut it out of your life. Online is so easy you just click that ole ignore or block button and delete the offending comments and you mentally take those feelings that were created and say the words “WHOOSH” and in your mind you picture them running out of your mind and off your body.

In life when I run into some schmuck thats put a kink into my day. I take a minute close my eyes and do the mental imagery of waking up that morning, a smile on my face and say the words ” Do over ” and I do just that I do over that part that darken my day and continue on in the fine frame of mind I was in before I ran into someone from the lower end of the gene pool, And yes I am sorry to admit I have  had to do this with two family members only one thank god was immediate the other a cousin. But I refuse to allow poisonous people in my life, non negotiable. When I was younger I would take it and take it Now that I am older and somewhat wiser I have a strike three policy like baseball. And after strike three there out of my life. I still go to family functions and such and will be polite but will not engage in long conversation I will remove myself to another group of people and avoid them if at all possible.

Hey I can accept constructive criticism but destructive criticism I will not tolerate. I have made it my mandate to ensure my four children learn this and point out examples as we move through life. I want to know that when my children are out there in the world and hey there are out there a lot. My oldest is twenty my youngest is fourteen. I want to make sure they can armor themselves against those nasty judgemental people who think its their life work to critique everybody else. This goes back to my blog on bullying. There was never once I feared that I would get a call from the school saying that my child was a bully. My children were taught it does not matter what race creed color, numer of toes etc. people are people and we should all be treated fairly and with respect.  I have no tolerance for intolerance.

Its kind of funny and off topic but the last few years as my kids have gotten older as I am sure you can all agree things are not the same as they were when we were growing up and I get into many debates with my children on things. The latest was a couple of years ago on homosexuality. Now before you go off on a rant on me listen to the story.  Now in highschool the straights as they call themselves have formed up with the homosexual and bisexual students to show their support. My question to my kids was why do they have to show their support. I was informed that those that were not straight were bullied about it. Okay I say makes sense and I supported them in support of supporting these groups. But naturally I had to get my two cents in….my point being why is sexuallity an issue. When the topic of gay pride day and parades came up I have to admit I was a little vocal.

Why has our society come to the point where we have to have parades and days about sexuality. To me that is a personal thing. You don’t go up to someone and shake their hand and say Hi I’m Terri and I’m straight. Let alone go in a parade to announce it. Whose bloody business is it anyways. For the record I am against these gay pride parades. Not because I have a problem with gay people or bi-sexual people. Hell I don’t care if you do penquins just keep your door closed and don’t push it in my face and hey live and let live. But these gay pride parades I think started out well intentioned but became a spectacle. Your watching the news and they have film coverage of the event that happened and you have floats and people marching yep I will give them that. But the guys in obscene makeup sticking their tongues down each others throats for the cameras …ummmm… well I guess two points they do the rest of those people in that parade a serious disservice as they lose credibility with people and I feel that children are impressionable and seeing those kinds of scenes that should be kept private totally discredit the whole point of the parade. IN my opinion. I feel the same way about taking my kids when they were younger to a public pool and have them googling two teenagers making out in the pool on a family swim time.  Don’t get me wrong I have no problem with appropriate public displays of affection. You know hand holding and quick kiss etc. but people take it to far having no respect for the people around them and for the children that bear witness to their lack of consideration of others.

So to qualify my comments. I have no problem with homosexuality and believe that if they have lived together or are married should be entitled to the same benefits as if they were man and woman. Fair is fair and justice for all. But I digress…..back to the original topic

The way I have it figured is we are all masters of our own destiny. It is our life and I choose to have my life as stress free as possible. And since I am the master of my own destiny I choose who will be in my life. I don’t associate with negative, nasty and judgemental people. Yes we are all entitled to our own opinions and we should respect others opinions as well. I just don’t get where people get off getting nasty with someone over a comment they made unless it was made directly to them about them then fair is fair they should have the right to defend themselves. My experience today with seeing those negative comments on someone’s thoughts and feelings just pissed me right off. Where do they get off deciding on whether someone took something to personally or demeaning the impact of those nasty words on the person. This isn’t verbatim but basically the person commented on the blog inferred that there are so many serious things going on in the world and you choose to get get upset about this and then went on to add the word again seriously….oh did I have to bite my tongue….who was this person to decide at what level or depth those comments should have hurt the person. God the nerve of some people.  What ever happened to teaching your children if you don’t have something nice to say don’t say anything at all….or treat others as you would want to be treated. I shake my head and thank god I live way out in the middle of nowhere now. Dealing with idiots is exhausting and time consuming and I refuse to waste one of my most precious life’s moments to deal with idiots.

It is heartbreaking to see good people and you can see they are gentle souls being ridden over by negative people that are unhappy in their own life and feel the need to share their wealth. You know misery loves company.  Talin hold your head up high and click the delete or ignore or whatever the button is and forget them. Be true to yourself and your living your life to its fullest potential. Its like everytime someone asks me how I am doing I always give the same reply Awesome , thanks for asking. I had someone say to me once how come you are always awesome. My answer is simple since I get to choose then I choose to be awesome today !

Have to go got to go shopping in the big city…..have a great day people.



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I am realistic optimist. I think that laughing should be done like breathing often as possible !
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